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Taking on the responsibility of becoming a hockey referee is an admirable one for many reasons. First and foremost, without any referees there would be no games.

Becoming a great hockey referee takes a great deal of time and effort, and the rewards for those who love the game and choose to follow this path extend far beyond the game fees.

Being a great hockey referee doesn’t differ from any other sport with the obvious exception that refereeing a hockey game requires skating ability.

Whether you are an experienced referee or someone just interested in learning more about this craft, you will find lots of helpful information and resources on the site.

Attitude and demeanor

Everyone who has been to a game in any sport at any level knows that sometimes referees make mistakes or make correct calls that upset the players, coaches and fans. In order to deal with this inevitability, referees must have “thick-skin” in order to tune out the verbal abuse that comes with the territory.

Refereeing is about teaching

Whether starting out or calling a high-level game, the role of the official is that of a teacher in some regards because it is their job to know and enforce all the rules of the game, no matter how unpopular or what impact the call has on the game. This includes teaching the players, coaches and fans – indirectly of course, because very few of them will be as well-versed in the rules of the game as you are as the referee.

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